will never uncover your cryptocurrency transactions

If you dislike this nasty feeling of someone trying to have your crypto transactions traced, you definitely need to make use of a crypto mixing service. BestMixer.iois a good example of such a service. If you decide to opt for its offers, you can forget about watchdogs and hackers.

It’s time to be anonymous

There’s a common belief that only criminals and hackers need to stay anonymous when utilizing crypto assets. That’s an erroneous point of view. In fact, there’re a lot of reasons to keep your transactions absolutely private. You don’t usually show anybody your bank records, do you? Just like any other assets, digital coins also require protection and privacy. That’s why many people use crypto mixers such as to ensure complete confidentiality of their crypto deals.

What fees does this tumbler charge?

The platform’s fees start at 0.5%. Members are offered exclusive discounts.The company’s users are also charged a floating miner’s fee for processing their transactions. Depending on the cryptocurrency employed it amounts to 0.00048022 LTC, 0.0000029 BCH, and 0.00008916 BTC.

The membership discount is automatic and free. During the first order, the company’s users are assigned a unique code, and the platform automatically calculates the discount considering the transaction volume. The discount keeps increasing as the client conducts more mixing operations.

Great advantages of

  • At every single mixing with the system, the platform generates a so-called Letter of Guarantee for reliability.
  • The platform’s users are capable of tracking their orders in real-time through the order page, offering detailed information on the mixing process.
  • The platform’s support service works 24/7.
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