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by THE BERGSTROM GROUP on June 14, 2013
McDonald’s just finished its second annual nationwide recruitment week with a new slogan “麦当劳 我最好的职业第一棒 (McDonald’s, my best first job)”. The campaign was aimed to be a massive recruiting effort and enhancement for the employer brand. We took a look at both on and offline components.
by THE BERGSTROM GROUP on June 7, 2013
Recently, we noticed a very unusual event in China -- a street protest. Whereas social activism online and protests against a brand have become common, rarely do we see citizens broadcasting social complaints in public.
by THE BERGSTROM GROUP on May 7, 2013
Taxi ads in Shanghai have recently been promoting the difference between real and fake wines (a mounting problem in China?).
by THE BERGSTROM GROUP on May 5, 2013
The 2008 Sichuan earthquake was the starting point for today's confident youth activism efforts so we were especially excited to see a group of youth hit the streets of Chengdu recently. Inviting the public to support earthquake relief, the informal group requested monetary donations and provided blank postcards so that people could write words of encouragement to those affected.
by THE BERGSTROM GROUP on April 24, 2013
Cath Kidston entered China’s market recently with a unique offering for local xiao qing xin fans (小清新 or little freshness, for more: Haier Looks to Connect Style and the Environment). DIY would be part of the lifestyle and emerging housewife culture.
by THE BERGSTROM GROUP on April 24, 2013
We have been tracking the key factors youth consider when buying in a store since 2008 (check out our 2008 results in Women’s Wear Daily and 2010 results in AdAge).

We have been able to encapsulate on point priorities and mark fluctuations during this time. In 2008, youth were risk takers, eager and willing to travel and branch out to discover new brands. In 2010, consumers had already moved on from retail tourists to efficiency enthusiasts. No longer willing to travel, youth looked for convenient, tried and true options.
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